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Jack of All Trades - One Wedding and an Execution

Jack of All Trades - One Wedding and an Execution

Libéré:11 March 2000
8.8/10 (Votes: 2486)
Langues:Français, English
Bruce Campbell, Angela Marie Dotchin, Verne Troyer, Stuart Devenie, Stephen Papps, Celia Nicholson, Paul Norell, Erica Hooper, Mark Nua, Cat Roscoe, Shemp Wooley
Charlie Haskell
Mots-clés du film:
napoleon, litter the vehicle, woman baring her legs for a man, threat of war, blackmail
Mots clés: Comedy  Adventure  Action  Fantasy 
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22 min
Société de production:
La description:
Napoleon has come to Pulau-Pulau looking for a bride, and he selects Emilia. Can Jack stop the marriage?

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