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Sergeant Cork - The Case of the Medicine Man

Sergeant Cork - The Case of the Medicine Man

Libéré:9 May 1964
9.7/10 (Votes: 2483)
John Barrie, William Gaunt, John Richmond, Freddie Fowler, Lyndon Brook, Peter Sallis, Alethea Charlton, Sydney Bromley, Fredric Abbott, Daniel Thorndike, David Pinner, Carlo Cura, Terence Plummer
Josephine Douglas
Mots-clés du film:
Mots clés: Crime 
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60 min
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La description:

Sergeant Cork - The Case of the Dutiful Bride. ... , and when she is located in Kent Sergeant Cork, attending court in Maidstone, decides to visit ... 's stepfather, but when a burglary gives Cork a further opportunity to investigate the activities ...

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